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About Coppergate

This short street had its roots firmly established in the Viking period 1100 years ago. It was near here that a large group of Viking craftsmen and traders lived and worked. Viking warriors had invaded York in 866AD and the farmers and skilled men quickly began the job of transforming it into an international trading city. Timber from local forests was ideal for shipbuilding and house construction and jewellery, pottery, leather and animal bones were just some of the materials used to create a large variety of goods.

Coppergate had a number of craftsmen living here producing cups and bowls from wood and hence the street name Cuper or Cupra gate in its earlier form.

It was only thirty years ago that land alongside Coppergate was excavated and the extent of the Viking settlement was realized. In 1984 the Viking museum was opened as part of a shopping centre complex ( The Coppergate Centre). The museum was built directly above the dig site enabling the public to get an authentic look in to history. It is called Jorvik because that is what the Vikings called what we now call York.

Although the entrance is on Ousegate, All Saints church dominates the lower part of Coppergate. Look at the wonderful lantern tower of this church which today hold many of the civic services connected with The Lord Mayor and The Guilds.

At the top of Coppergate, where it joins Castlegate, was, in the 18th century, the home of many businesses run by followers of The Quaker religion. Indeed The Meeting Rooms of The Quakers is still very much in use today, halfway down Marygate. If you want to hear the stories behind The Vikings, The Quakers, All Saints Church and many other Coppergate happenings , why not book one of York’s guided walking tours.

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Jorvik Viking Centre York

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The Jorvik Viking Centre York offers a great insight into how the Vikings lived during their time in York.

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