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May The Best House Win, York - ITV Show



A brand new ITV series is on the hunt for home owners in York and is looking for inspired individuals who just love to show off their homes. Whether they have been recently refurbished, are old and quirky or new and unique, whatever the style, this is their opportunity to show off what they love best.

The new ITV 1 show, ‘May The Best House Win’ sees four contestants battle it out for a chance to win £1,000. Each home owner takes it in turn to show off their house to three other strangers, including their favourite rooms, the ‘just so’ décor or even the much loved clutter that makes up an English man or womans castle.

Once each personvhas shown off their house they are given a score out of ten by each contestant, the person with the overall highest score gets to jump for joy as they win the cash and show the world that they really do have the best house.

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who are proud of their homes and love to show them off to friends and family. As the curtains are peeled back, the show hopes to reveal some amazing and unique homes; maybe a football themed house, a stunning cottage, interesting conversions, fascinating period property, or even a house that has become a shrine to a collection of teapots! Whatever makes the house special, showing it off to the world is the perfect opportunity to give it the recognition it deserves.

Series producer, Stuart Ramsay said: “We are on the hunt for some great characters and interesting and individual homes. The homes don’t have to be mansions or brand new and sparkling, they just have to be a reflection of the person who lives there. So if you have a house that you are dying to show off, or know someone that would be perfect for the show then please do get in touch.”

The new ITV 1 show, May The Best House Win will air early next year and contestants must be available during the summer for filming.

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