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York Climate Information

"As part of the United Kingdom, the Vale of York generally has cool summers and relatively mild winters. Weather conditions vary from day to day as well as from season to season. The latitude of the area means that it is influenced by predominantly westerly winds with depressions and their associated fronts, bringing with them unsettled and windy weather, particularly in winter. Between depressions there are often small mobile anticyclones that bring periods of fair weather. In winter anticyclones bring cold dry weather. In summer the anticyclones tend to bring dry settled conditions which can lead to drought.

For its latitude this area is mild in winter and cooler in summer due to the influence of the Gulf Stream in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Air temperature varies on a daily and seasonal basis. The temperature is usually lower at night and January is the coldest time of the year. The vale is in the rain shadow of the Pennines so has a lower rainfall total than areas to the west. It is also subject to more fog and frosts in winter than other areas because of the tendency of cold air to drain into the vale from surrounding higher ground."

Quoted from Wikipedia York Climate page. 


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Rising Tides: Repairing and Restoring a Home in the Wake of Flood Damage

It is no surprise that property located in the beautiful and historically fascinating city of York is much sought after. People who grew up here and later moved away for one reason or another often return when they are in a position to buy a home of their own. Meanwhile people who have visited the city and fallen in love with it may decide that the occasional visit is not enough and decide to make it their permanent home. However, lovely as York undoubtedly is, the city, standing at the confluence of the River Ouse and the River Foss, has been susceptible to occasional flooding throughout its long and illustrious history. Indeed, records of the town experiencing floods, when the banks of the rivers burst, exist from its days as an ancient Roman fortress town. 1625 and 1638 are years which stand out in York’s history as the occasions of the highest recorded floods in the city. While York city council has implemented a flood response plan as well as a flood alert early warning system, such an occurrence could still be devastating for any homeowners whose property may be affected by water damage and who may need to make a claim on their home insurance and call on expert help in the form of local builders and other professionals.

Prompt Action to Prevent Further Damage

If a property is affected by water damage, it is imperative to begin work on cleaning up the area and beginning the drying process with as little delay as is possible. Water damage can be exacerbated if the water in question is dirty. As well as flooding as a result of natural disasters, flood damage can also occur as a result of damaged pipes, leaky roofs and even blocked sewers. Different types of damage can be caused depending on the type of water that has flooded the area. However, even the damage caused by clean water can worsen if not dealt with quickly as it does not take long for mould to start growing. Depending on the extent of the flooding, it is generally advisable to call in a company with expertise in drying out water damaged homes as their drying equipment will ensure that the job is done in the shortest possible time.

Taking Cover to Help With the Cost of Damage

Fortunately, unlike in ancient Roman times, people today can take out insurance against the impact of flooding. Not surprisingly, York was hit by the 2012 floods, as were many other areas of Britain and Northern Ireland. Many would have been able to claim for the damage on their home insurance, although the types of home insurance NI and mainland Britain customers may have had in place would have varied from one provider to another. At the same time as beginning the cleaning up process and any reconstruction work, home owners may also need to contact their home insurance provider with a view to making sure that they are covered for the cost of the requisite repairs and for the replacement of any of the buildings’ contents that may have been damaged. In general, the homeowner’s building insurance should cover the cost of repairing the flood damage, although it is important to make sure that the policy does not have an exclusion which means that the homeowner is unable to claim in certain cases. As for damage to contents of the home, the home contents insurance policy is likely to cover at least some of the items that have been destroyed by water damage.

York is a wonderful city, an exciting hub of culture and entertainment, not to mention a beautiful place to visit or to live. There is no mystery as to why so many people move here to live. However, wherever you like, it always wise to be aware of the effect the elements may have on the environment. Knowing where to turn to for help from experts in home repairs and restoration in case they should ever be needed, not to mention having a good home insurance policy, provides home owners with the peace of mind to enjoy this lovely city, rain or shine.


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