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York Ghost Walks are the most famous in the World. York is thought to be the most haunted city in Europe. This fact alone entices many tourist each year inside our city walls. Welcome to our guide to the best Walking Ghost Tours in York. Most ghost walks operate on an evening but are generally family friendly. Not only are they a great way to learn about the layout of the city, but the spooky stories are a fascinating insight into the Roman, Medieval, Viking and Victorian histories and events that took place here. With tours taking in famous sites such as York Minster, Shambles, Coppergate, Cliffords Tower and Jorvik you will be entertained, enchanted by the beauty of the history and enriched by the real events and fables that took place. Feel the history in our blood soaked York stone pathed streets and become a part of the long tradition of York story telling.

Ghost Stories

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Here are a collection of some of York's most famous Ghost Stories...

The Ghost Keeper York

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The Ghost Creeper York  


A tour of fear and fun through the most

Trevor Rooney's Ghost Walk of York

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Trevor Rooney's World Famous Ghost Walk of York. Starts every night at The Evil Eye on Stonegate.

The Ghost Hunt of York

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Ghost Hunt of York  


A Spooky experience for all, big or small! Take a ghost tour and visit the sites of some of

The Ghost Trail

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The Ghost Trail  


No Messing Ghost walk starts from Minster...

The Original Ghost Walk of York

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Original Ghost Walk  


This is the genuine, the authentic, the magical and the famous...

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