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York hosting Pop-up restaurant this summer

This July the 13/14/15th the team at Chateau Marmot is bringing its brand of culinary magic to a top-secret venue in York.

For four nights only the Chateau will pop up in a secret venue and serve up a mind blowing gastronomic experience with the help of chef Miles Dupree, taking a break from his job rattling the pans at London’s renowned Ottolenghi.

Creative, locally sourced, Modern British food will be the order of the day, with an international twist and new cooking techniques courtesy of Dupree who said: “I want to share some exciting takes on classic dishes as well as interesting new techniques and flavour pairings with people in York this summer.  Our forager in Harrogate is out raiding the hedgerows and our organic farmers in North Yorkshire are selecting their best meat and veggies for us as we speak.  It’s going to be fun!” 

Owners Theo Cooper and Danielle Treanor explained that Chateau Marmot will feature a tasting menu able to compete with the best but minus the formality of a Michelin starred restaurant, as Danielle explains:

“We want to outlaw the stuffiness associated with eating amazing food; for people to have a fantastic time and be blown away by the food they’ve eaten in a friendly and unexpected context. I’m from Yorkshire and I know the passion people have for food here and the amazing variety of local producers we have. We know this kind of eating experience is relatively new to the area so we’re excited to see what happens.”

Guests will dine on a five course tasting menu for just £26 per head with dishes like roast duck breast, orange puree, black olive, quinoa and almonds or poached snapper, turnips, radish, butter dashi and Dupree’s secret recipe liquorice powder. Drinks will be primarily BYO with wine pairings suggested by their sommelier on their website and feature a cheese cart, packed with incredible cheeses from Yorkshire and beyond.

All of this will be taking place in a central York location to be revealed to guests a few days before their booking. There will be art pieces from the Marmot’s own private collection on display, and occasional guest speakers, musicians and other entertainers, details to be confirmed on their website.

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