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Bombay Spice

Bombay Spice  


Modern comfortable Indian Restaraunt in York city Centre ......



Bombay Spice

Bombay Spice

58 Goodramgate, York
01904 613298

 Goodramgate in the Centre of York has a plentifull supply of Indian Restaraunts.

The Bombay spice is one of the slickest, offering a pleasing menu of Indian and Bangladeshi Food in a relaxed environment.

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Posts: 2
Bad Service spoiled the night
Reply #2 on : Sun May 01, 2011, 12:27:34
Having dined at the Bombay Spice many times before, including take-away meals, I was delighted to see that Groupon were selling vouchers £10 for £30 worth of food at Bombay Spice. Meals of duck, fish and King Prawn were to be charged at £3 extra. Excellent value! I purchased one of these vouchers and planned an evening out with my partner. I telephoned the restaurant a week later to book, they said certainly madam I booked a table for 2 at 7.30, I then mentioned that I had a Groupon voucher, I was then told that the restaurant was full and they were not accepting voucher bookings that evening. I thought, ok, was a little disgruntled to have my booking accepted initially but then when I mentioned the voucher, to have it cancelled. I tried over the forthcoming weeks, five separate times to book a table using my voucher, but to no avail, always the same answer, sorry madam we do not have a table tonight for vouchers, I thought this was extremely unreasonable for a restaurant to put on this offer then find that they are reluctant to have customers use it. I must add that I wasn't trying to book a table at peak times either, generally mid week, I have tried to book for Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I eventually managed to book a table, with voucher for Thursday 28th April. Having to give over a week's notice. I arrived at the restaurant, we were guided to the wortst seat in the restaurant, (anyone who has dined there before will know which one, the small round table at the foot of the stairs in the back room), I declined this table and was given another without question. We then ordered lime & soda drinks, we were told that they didn't have any soda and offered lemonade instead, we declined and asked for regular water with lime. We then ordered our mains, I ordered chicken Thali, which is my regular choice at the Bombay Spice, I was informed by the waiter that I could not have this, not with the voucher. I asked why, as this is what I always order, he said "yes, yes, I know you are a regular customer but you are already getting a good deal with the voucher so choose something else from our menu, i informed him that it did not state on the voucher that anything was exempt from the offer, he said "management can change the decision" while giving a smug smirk, I said that I would need more time to look at the menu, to pick something else, he said "ok you can have this, I will charge you extra, I asked how much, he said £3, for a dish that is already £13 I found this excessive, so declined. I chose another dish hurriedly as he was hovering. The meal was fine as usual, the roti though, was the thickest and heaviest I've ever experienced, needless to say I did not finish it. The service we experienced on this night was the exact opposite to the service we have received on every other occasion we have dined there. The waiting staff are usually very friendly, happy and polite, they have enquired if everything is ok, given complimentary drinks and generally made you feel special. Tonight the exact same staff were rude, aggresive and unfriendly, we were ignored for the duration, while the staff put on the usual friendly act for the paying customers, even bringing the table next to ours complimentary brandy to finish the meal, which is something, before tonight we had always experienced, even putting a couple of beers in our take-away bag. I see now that the staff at Bombay Spice are not genuinely pleased to have your custom. I was shocked, and I will not return to this establishment, nor will I recommend anyone else to. If you are really going to resent every customer that chooses to take up the offers that you yourselves have advertised, then may I suggest that you stop advertising offers. I had a really unpleasant evening, thanks to Bombay Spice staff's bad attitude and lack of hospitality.
Jacky P
Posts: 2
I love the Bombay Spice
Reply #1 on : Wed July 08, 2009, 14:23:03
Hey i haven't been in for a while but i'm the lad who's quite tall, long brown hair, i always have a Chicken Korma, sometimes you give me a free coke. I just wanted to say, Your Chicken Korma's are the best, i love them. And right now i am sitting in school, in food technology, deciding i will create a new Indian food product :) To be just like you guys! Although it wont be as good :)
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