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Free guided walking tours of the city....



 York Association of Voluntary Guides


Association of Voluntary Guides

Free guided walking tours of the city.

Starting at Exhibition Square at 10.15 am, 2.15 pm & 6.45 pm (in summer time) and 10.15am (in winter time).

In addition to the daily tours they can offer ‘pre-booked’ group tours to suit yall needs.

Contact them on 01904 640780 (24 hr answer phone)

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Meriely Araujo
Posts: 3
More details on the York Tours
Reply #3 on : Wed December 19, 2012, 11:38:37
Good morning,
My name is Meriely Araujo, I am doing a research on York Touristic sites and would like to bring a group of 41 people to explore York Heritage background, they will stay for 7 days.
Could you please give me more details on the city Tours, like how long does it take? What does it cover?
Chocolate tour? How long does it take? Price?
Food Romans tour?? more details please??
Could I please have more details ?
Looking forward to hear from you.
Thank you very much.

Meriely ARaujo
From Thailand
Posts: 3
Hello York!
Reply #2 on : Wed July 07, 2010, 12:17:07
its really good to hear that we can enjoy in York with a great guide, i and my friends will visit York next year, so must be great to know that you will be there and give us some help.
thanks for advance, see you then!
Marcel van der Snel / Gebo Specials
Posts: 3
Guided walk for a group
Reply #1 on : Fri December 18, 2009, 14:43:10
Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you inform me about the prices and possibilities for the following group? Here are the details:
* Date: 2 June 2010
* Time: 10h00
* Concerns: Guided Citywalk along the highlights of York (most of the people have never been in York before).
* Nr. of persons: about 40-50 (2 guides?)

Would that be possible? If so, could you inform me about:
* The price per guide
* Approximate duration of the tour
* Small overview which route/sights you are passing.

This is a group of adults studying English, making their annual trip.

Due the a deadline of my client: could you inform me at the latest at monday 21 december?

Many thanks in advance for your reply.

Kind Regards,

Gebo Specials
Marcel van der Snel
Tel. 0031-529-469662
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