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Welcome to our guide to Micklegate, York. Here you can find information, history and a guide to the best places and things to see and do.

About Micklegate

This street takes its name from the old English word “ mickle” which means great or main. It eludes to the fact that it was the main street in to York, starting at the main city gate, Micklegate Bar and running to the river crossing. This then was the main road from London and is the route that most visiting monarchs have used including the current Queen.

In the 15th century Stonegate was the starting point for the annual York Mystery Plays which were performed from wagons which traveled through the city to various locations. This ancient custom has been revived and now takes place every four years, due again in 2010. Just one short row of medieval houses remain in Micklegate, as most of the street was re-developed in the 18th century to construct a number of elegant town houses for the landed gentry. However, Holy Trinity Church survived all the re-development and now houses an exhibition that enables visitors to understand the everyday life of the monks who lived and worked in the vast Benedictine Priory that covered this area of York The parish church and the nearby Jacob’s Well are the only parts of the priory to survive the Reformation. The church retains York’s only remaining stocks.

Today Micklegate has several pubs along its length, but it used to have many more and in the 20th century it picked up a bad reputation as home to “ The Micklegate Run”. This was an activity carried out by young people who would start at Micklegate Bar and consume alcohol in every pub along the street. When the drunken revellers reached the city end of the street there were often scenes of rowdy and violent behavior. But now in the 21st century.

Micklegate is a very pleasant street to wander along. It has a good mixture of restaurants and a variety of goods on offer in the shops, including excellent bookshops.

(Above text written by Keith Greenwood, tour guide with Exploring York.)

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