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The INSIDE YORK website contains essential information for the clued-in York visitor, with not just the basics but also little-known facts and tips to save you both time and money. Now, you too can become a York Insider!

Modern York is a prosperous and bustling city with a multi-layered history going back at least 2000 years. Visitors can experience life from Roman, Anglian, Viking, Medieval, Elizabethan and Victorian times to mention just a few. Much of the historic architecture from Medieval times onwards still survives.

The 'Jewel in the Crown' of York is its fabulous Minster - a huge cathedral which took 252 years to build. With its picturesque city walls, its four stone gateways (or 'bars') and its trendy shops and pubs, York really is the perfect place to live and visit.

The 21st Century visitor has a wealth of sights and attractions to choose from. A variety of museums, both large and small, cater for many different interests - there is even a 'Richard the Third' museum!

Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales (also known as the "Dales") is the name given to an upland area, in Northern England.

The area lies within the historic county boundaries of Yorkshire, though spans the ceremonial counties of North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Cumbria.

Yorkshire Coast

Just like its inland scenery (which includes the wild heather moors of Bronte Country and the lush limestone scenery and windswept fells of the Yorkshire Dales), the region of England which is known as Yorkshire has a coastline which is frequently spectacular, varied, and interesting. From south of the mouth of the Tees and

York Surrounding Area

The York Area

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There are many modern shops, including national and international chains and unique local retailers. New mingles with old in the ancient and often quaint streets of this energetic city.

Some of the finest and oldest pubs in the country are to be found in York. Try the Golden Fleece on Pavement or the Ackhorn, just off Micklegate.


Shambles  Shambles

York has its own University, plus the University College of York St. John. Both of these academic institutions teach degree level courses and beyond and greatly add to the life of the city.

This charming city is also an excellent jumping-off point for the magnificent countryside around, including the North York Moors, the Yorkshire Dales and the unparalleled Yorkshire Coast. North Yorkshire was recently voted the most beautiful county in the whole of England. Come and join us!

The Minster and Treasurers House   York Minster, with the Treasurers House in the middle ground.


The York Pass