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York Riverside by night

Our guide to York bars, clubs and the best nights out in York. York has a vibrant nightlife of bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and family friendly venues. Whether you're out with the kids, friends, relatives or on a Stag or Hen 'do, York is the capital of Yorkshire in more ways than one! The premier city for a good time, locals and tourists all love its diversity. It's not just the wine bars, restaurants, theatres, shows, opera house, cinemas and clubs that York has to offer, there are also Ghost Walks and guided tours, street performers, comedy clubs, folk nights, and romantic scenic walks - York is rich in culture. The brightly lit York Minster is proud to be York's night time centre piece, so you'll never get lost or wander too far from the entertainment and activity in the bustling streets, hosting festivals, carnivals and light shows.

Bars in York

Our guide to bars in York, UK.

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The York Pass